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Your Practical Time to ‘Relinquish’ as you hear your Creator

women at computerSo far we have laid out the 10 Steps to Freedom in being a Jesus follower.  Remember what they were?  It’s true that we are not all on one step or another; everyone’s growth is individual.  When some people find the true Lord Jesus, there is so turning around, they are able to ‘Relinquish’ most of the chains that keep them locked into the old nature and a life of drugs, alcohol or gambling.  Their conversion to Jesus is so dramatic that they can step into God’s kingdom with a once and for all leap!

For others, it is a slow journey toward even beginning to begin their journey.  Start and turn back, turn back and side-step issues, they face a zigzag path of continued doubt and self-defeat.  Much of their success in being a Jesus follower lies in their heart of unbelief and reluctance to let go of their old ways.  This group of people are much like the Hebrew people with Moses; they longed to return to the ‘leeks and garlic’ they knew in Egypt rather than continue with their journey to the Promise Land.

We shall return to this theme of ‘Relinquish’ throughout our time as a Jesus Follower.  However now, we would like to step into something more practical for our readers.  It is very easy to continue with the written info rather than stop and put our knowledge into the practical.  It is only when we apply our knowledge that we learn wisdom.

watching manFind a peaceful place in your room and heart so you can hear that gentle, quiet voice of the Lord.  You may need to send some time practicing on how to hear the voice of the Lord from our earlier posts.  Be patience and practice this skill.  You weren’t born knowing how to ride a bicycle; you had to learn.  It’s the same with hearing His voice, especially if you are new to the whole concept of hearing from God.  Get out a diary or notepad as you work through this practical.  Record your progress.

First of all, as you have been reading this post, has there been anything coming into your mind that the Lord is asking you to Relinquish as you walk this journey with Him.  It may be something small or what seems impossible to you to let go of now.  Get Write down 5 things that the Holy Spirit is gently tugging at your heart to release.  These may be physical, emotional or mental issues.

Next ask Him for any areas He wants as a ‘sacrifice’ to give Him.  Again see if you can hear 5 things.  We will use some of this list in our next steps as well.  Don’t let condemnation get in but look for the gentle conviction for each item.  Concentrate on things that keep your personal growth limited.

Ask yourself “Am I honestly willing to confess and let go of any sin that He reveals to me?  Am I willing to agree with whatever He says to do about that sin?”  Work with your heart to help it ‘…be willing to be willing’.

Spend some time on this step of your journey as you will benefit in the long run. 

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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