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There are a great many Christian websites for our growth and learning.  By presenting a website/blog each month, you can find some treasures. 

This month I have chosen to present the ‘Cross Walk Life’ website and blog in response to their generosity in being our first Guest writer, for sharing their articles and posts for our blog.

‘Cross Walk Life’ is presented by Carlotta Waldman and Rev. Louis Waldmann, as a ‘Restoration, Healing, Training and Equipping Center’.  Their web address is:

They are involved in free Weekly Insights by email, Cross Walk Talk by Radio, Now Faith.TV MTS, Downloads of CD’s, DVD’s, a restoration Prayer Ministry, Training Seminars, Mentoring Interns and YouTube and TV presentations.

Louis says this about their website:  “Our vision has been to encourage people to believe when Jesus comes to touch them personally, during ministry, they will finally be healed, restored and set free. It’s our privilege to partner with Him in His awesome plan for each one to be trained and equipped to fulfil their God given destiny.

“Our mission is to provide a place for people to receive the unconditional love, wisdom and insight in order to have this intimate relationship with Jesus and to experience lasting transformation that will enable them to fulfil their God-given destiny.”

Cross Walk Life, Inc. does this by providing personal Restoration Prayer Ministry, healing groups, teaching and training — all on a donation basis. We serve churches by assisting Pastors with their teaching, training and prayer counselling load. We also provide seminars, workshops and college courses continuously.

“Cross Walk Life, Inc. is here so that you can develop a more intimate relationship with Father God and have the passion of Christ, to be equipped to fulfil your God given destiny.”

 Carlotta’s testimony of her own healing of 24 diagnoses: In 1993, God began to reveal the lies and blocks in my own life. I knew that no amount of analysis could make me free and God began to restore me by teaching me higher truths — His truths. I realized that I could invite Jesus to heal me, restore me and set me free to fulfil my God given destiny with new power. Now I am ‘experiencing Truth’ everyday that was only theory before. I have a whole new positive identity based on God’s Truth instead of a false identity based on lies.”

Carlotta’s passion is to impart the compassion and supernatural power of Jesus for healing and restoring the broken-hearted. She is a reproducer of reproducers, who are equipped to teach and train the body of Christ, with a passion to express the heart of Jesus in effective ministry. Her mission is to equip the Bride to partner with Jesus, though personal prayer counselling ministry, Bible College courses, church training seminars, mentoring interns and by preaching church revivals.

Their web sites, and www.NowFaith.TV have over 2,600,000 hits per year, reaching over 175 nations.  Their audio/video listening audience grew to 9 times larger in 2009.  The Cross Walk Talk Radio broadcast has had up to 23,000 downloads for one person interviewed (that we know of.)  Carlotta and Lou believe for a great third awakening around the world.  She travels holding teaching and training seminars designed to help develop more effective ministry teams.

Their web address is:

Plus the following areas may interest you as well:  


We ask the Lord Jesus to bless the work of this ministry as they follow Him into deeper and deeper areas of truth.  A special thanks to Carlotta for doing one of our coming Guest posts!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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