Time Line from the Great Flood to Abraham

The following is the Biblical record of the births and deaths from the time of Noah and the Great Flood to Abraham and the birth of Issac and Jacob.  As we can see, 2,300 years passed since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden.  Another 400 years  would pass until Abraham was born to Terah, 1900.

                                      THE GREAT FLOOD

2300            ———————————————————

 Genesis 11:10-32 to 11:1-32

2200    SHEM – 100 when Arphaxad born, lived 500 years.

                 ARPHAXAD – 35 when Shelah born, lived 403 years.

                       SHELAH – 30 years when Eber born, lived 403 years.

                             EBER – 34 years when Peleg born, lived 430 years.

2100                           PELEG – 50 years Reu born, 209 years.

                                         REU – 32 years Serug born, 207 years.

2000                                        SERUG – 30 years when Nahor born, lived 2000 years.

                                                                   Noah dies at 950 years old

                                                        NAHOR – 29 years when Terah born, lived 119 years.

1900                                                         TERAH – 70 when Abram born, lived 205 years.

            ABRAHAM – 100 years old when Isaac was born,


                                                  JACOB (renamed Israel) – The 12 Sons of Israel

We shall continue with our story of the Covenants in our next post so join us then,

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