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Time Line – from 445 BC to the end of time

As we continue out Time Line series, we can now add 445 BC, ‘the Silent Years’ between the Old and New Testaments until the end of time as we know it.  So far, we have given you the Time Line of Adam to Noah.  Then we finished the Time Line of Noah to Abraham.  From there, we went from Abraham to Jesus’ birth

Now we continue from Jesus’ birth and establishing His kingdom to the end of time with the rule of the Antichrist and the end of the ages.  After this, comes 1000 years of peace under Jesus’ rule, the Unbeliever’s Judgements and the ending of all time as humans know it.  Eternity marks a new space in God and Human’s history!

445 BC             Nehemiah returns to build the wall of Jerusalem

400 BC to 0 BC: The Silent Years

4 BC                   The birth of Jesus of Nazareth in Bethlehem.

0 AD                   (Date originally recorded as His birth, since proven inaccurate)

   “Anno Domini” – In the Year of our Lord.

26 AD     Christ establishes His church

30 AD     Jesus Christ is crucified, buried, His resurrection and ascension.

Day of Pentecost when the Promise of the Father is sent, the H.S.

36 AD     Paul is converted,

47 AD     Paul’s first missionary trip,

50 AD     Paul’s second journey,

53 AD     Paul’s third journey.

58 AD     Paul’s imprisonment in Rome.

70 AD     Titus destroys Jerusalem and the Temple, scatters the Jews

and the Christian believers throughout the civilized world,

leaving the Jewish people without a homeland as a nation.

96 AD     John receives the book of Revelations on Patmos. 100 AD

Two main branches emerged from the original church in Jerusalem:

1.  The Jerusalem Church, The Church at Jerusalem, 30 AD.

Continued to 100 AD.  Varies groups formed later:

Novations, (150 AD),

Paulicians, (50 AD),

Albenses (1200 AD)

and Anabaptists(1550 AD).

2.  The Church at Antioch, approx. 40 AD.

Continued into the Montanists (80 AD),

Donatists (330 AD),

Arnolists (860 AD),

Waldenses (1450 AD)

and the Baptists (1800).

200 AD   Two main branches of the “Catholic” (universal) church emerged: 

1. The Greek Orthodox Catholic Church.

2.  The Roman Catholic Church – which later split into:

The Lutherans (1533),

The Presbyterians with John Calvin (1541),

Church of England (1531 which split into the Methodist in 1785),

The Congregationalists (1602)

The hierarchy of the Catholic (meaning all-encompassing, comprehensive, wide-ranging, universal) Church established.

475 AD   The fall of the Roman Empire. ‘The Middle Ages’ begin.

1380 AD             John Wycliffe translates the Bible into English,

1440 AD             Gutenberg press prints the first Bible.

1492 AD             Columbus discovers San Salvador, opening up the Americas.

1521 AD             Martin Luther posted his ’95 Thesis’ list against the church.

1948 AD             The Jewish people were/are scattered through out the world

until the post World War II governments give the Jewish people their ‘homeland’, thus fulfilling prophecy, Jeremiah 29:14, Ezekiel 20:34, 37:1-14.

XXXXXX           The end of the Church age and the beginning and ending of the Reign of the                                                                      Antichrist.

(Adapted from The Illustrated Biblical Time Line, Author and date unknown.)

As we can see, there are no ‘millions and millions of years’ in the Biblical account of Human History,  Even allowing for minor mistakes in the time lines, we are still looking at almost 7,000 years.   So whihchdo you chose to believe? ….the Evolutionist view of millions of years or the Biblical account of history?

We trust this has been helpful to further develop your faith in the Written and spoken Word as reliable to build your faith,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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