The Story of Cain and Abel

After the traumatic time in the Garden of Edan, Adam and Eve continue to live from day to day.  They found shelter, food and clothing to keep them warm.  As the years passed by, they did notice the changes in the soil, the animals and the plants around them.

They explored the part of the Earth they inhabited, settled and move again.  Imagine the amazement when they first discovered that Eve was to bare a child!  They named their first born ‘Cain’.  His name meant “I have created… With God’s help I have created a man…”  Genesis 4:1  We can only guess at the meaning behind these words spoken by Eve: ‘she created….?  She had another man….?  We’ll have to wait for the end of time to know the real story behind her words.

Sometime later, Eve brought another son into the world – Abel.  Other children were born, included daughters and other sons.  However,  the main story of the human race that the Creator wants us to follow first is the story found in Genesis Chapter 4.

Great rivalry existed between the two brothers.  Here is a YouTube presentation of this relationship and the results of such anger and jealousy.

May this video add to your knowledge of our loving Creator’s great plan and love for you,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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