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Benny Hinn & David Pawson on the Covenants – YouTube

Published on March 16, 2013 By Susanne

In this post on Hearing God, I am presenting two interesting approaching to our topic.  In searching for more teaching info, I found many YouTube Introductions to the Covenants of Jehovah.  I have included two from the list you might gain more insight about the Covenants.

1.  Benny Hinn explains 7 major Covenants.

2.  David Pawson presents a 15 part teaching on the Covenants.

I have included them both as a way of sharing more insights on why God made covenants with humans and what is our response to His message today. 

Enjoy, Susanne Fengler


This is the teaching from:  Benny Hinn – 7 Biblical Covenants in the Bible, Made & Sealed!


This second YouTube is: Biblical covenants, by David Pawson, Part 1 of 15