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8/4 Heaven will be a Place of Fulfilment in ‘Work’ and Worship

Published on March 28, 2013trademarks By Susanne

A.  The whole concept of the nature and character of Creator God has been warped by the sin-sick world we live in.

All nations will come and worship the Almighty Creator and Father of us all, Revelations 15:4-21:5.  When Isaiah speaks for the Lord of the new heavens and earth, he prophesies that “all flesh shall come to worship before me“, Isaiah 66:22-23.

We will have a clearer insight into the wisdom and the marvellous purposes of His plan for human life. The apostle Paul says that “though now we see through a glass darkly”, then we shall “see face to face” and “shall know fully, as we are known”, 1 Corinthians 13:12. Heaven will so greatly expand our understanding of His glory and the awesomeness of His creative work.