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10/22 Resist by doing things God’s Way

Published on September 25, 2015 By Susanne

 As we have seen in our last post, to Resist may be to find the key to the problem that  Jackson inner healingdrives us into repeating the issues again. We are designed to walk in freedom as Jesus Followers – but what does this mean? Whenever we lost our peace, we are facing a spiritual battle first.

Probably one of the largest and most unseen battles is around our anger, resentment and feelings when someone hurts us. Being human, I am sure this is something you, my reader, have faced as well. When we are hurt, wrongly accused or unjustly treated, our Heart can take an ‘offense’.

Again this in one of the most common battles we all face. How do we handle it God’s way? How do we Resist as He would have us Resist?