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9/27 Our Thinking Influences the way we Feel

Published on April 29, 2013advertise By Susanne

Just as a quick review – We have been tracing the pattern of: Heart —– > Thinking patterns —- > Emotions = Behaviour.  In this post, we will continue with how our thinking influences our emotions.

There are two elements of ‘renewing the mind’ that affect how we feel:

1.  Our ATTITUDE about event often is more important than event

It is not what happened to you in the past that is causing the pain today; it is what you think about the past that is causing discomfort.  The past is gone and cannot hurt us anymore.

2.  Then our feelings about the event are CAUSED by attitudes

Our attitude about an event or person will determine our feelings towards that event or person.  Let us illustrate this with an example of Joe visiting Martha: