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Sunday Cuppa with Susanne – the 23rd Psalm

Published on February 20, 2013 By Susanne

How about kicking off your shoes, grab a cuppa and let’s do something outside our usual posts?  Care to spend a bit of time thinking about something else to your day?

Recently someone sent me a great version of the 23rd Psalm, from Japan.  I’d like to talk this one through with you.  It’s called:  ‘The Lord is My Pace Setter’

‘The Lord is My Pace Setter….I will not rush’

Sometimes it seems there is just so much to do, or so much I could do but don’t have the time….or it’s less of a priority.  However, when we take being a Jesus Follower into our view of time, He will help us set the urgently desperate from the desperately urgent.  He will even slow us down enough to find His Pace.  Care to work at the pace of the Great Creator?