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7/13 Summary and Conclusion for the Covenant with Jehovah and Jesus Christ

Published on October 4, 2012support By Susanne

As we bring this part of our series on the Covenants made between our Creator and Jesus Christ, it will help us to wrap up with a summary.

Jehovah God has had one great purpose since before the Creation of the Earth:  to redeem a wrecked and ruined world, a sin defiled creation.  Two alternatives were presented to Man:  Choose God and His way or choose pride and Self-reliance, the pleasures of this passing world.

To bring this Great Rescue Plan into being, our Creator made Seven major covenants.  Each one ended or passed onto the next agreement.  All these ‘agreements’ made were broken in some degree, which leads us to the Covenant made between God and Jesus Christ, the Seventh Covenant.