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8/10 Other Parts to the Eternal Covenant in Hearing God

Published on April 20, 2013 By Susanne

As we wrap up a series on the Covenants of God, we continue with the Sacrifice, the Seal, the oath and the Place that this final agreement exists.

A.  The Sacrifice to Ratify the Agreement

Since no one from Adam’s race was perfect and sinless enough to redeem us, the Word became flesh, John 1:1-3, 14-18.  The Word was born into this world as a helpless baby.  He came at a time when Rome ruled His country, one of the cruelest dictator governments ever.

Jesus of Nazareth accomplished the Final Sacrifice by His perfect life, His actual physical death and then by His resurrection.  As the seed of the woman, the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and a descendant from David’s line, Jesus offered His sinless body to complete the Final Sacrifice.