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7/1 The New Covenant with Jehovah and the Lord Jesus Christ

Published on August 25, 2012profile By Susanne

The New Covenant made between Jehovah, Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ


 We continue this series on the Great Covenants Jehovah Elohim made with certain men throughout history.  So far we have seen the beginnings of all Covenants, made before Adam and Eve rebelled and brought misery on the whole human race.

However, God’ great rescue plan was not finished with the human race.  Next, we discussed the plan to bring mankind back under His protection from the enemy that entered the Garden of Eden – the Covenant with Adam.

However, even this covenant was not complete.  Jehovah took certain parts of the previous two covenants and built a third covenant with Noah.  Mankind had so deprived and degenerate that our Creator had been sorry He had created the human race.  Idolatry was everywhere, including sacrifices of children and demonic interbreeding.