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10/20 Hearing God and the next step in Growth: Resist

Published on September 5, 2015 By Susanne

We have just finished the third step of growth in your Christian walk – to Repent. We also woman with ipadincluded a great book called ‘Surrender’. How do these two concepts fit together? Stay with us as we journey into our next step, that of ‘Resist’.

However, before we head in that direction, let’s do a quick review to keep everyone with us. We are looking at the 10 main steps in your walk with the Lord toward freedom. So far, we have set out the importance of learning to ‘Relinquish’, especially the ways the world looks at resolving problems and settling problems.

We faced the need to ‘Recognize’ and do things God’s way rather than our own and then onto seeing what the word ‘Repent’ really means. Here is the list again: