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10/21 So what does ‘Resist’ mean when you are Hearing God?

Published on September 9, 2015mail By Susanne

In our last post, we talked about the necessity of learning to ‘Resist’ in your spiritual battle with the women w glassesenemy. Please know we are not talking about the ‘grit your teeth’, self-striving kind of ‘Resist’

Here is a story that may help you to see the difference.

‘Kayla’ had troubles when it came to climbing stairs, nor because of ill health but huge anxiety attacks especially whenever she attempted to climb any stairs where you could see through each step. She had learned 200 Bible verses and used these as weapons in her anxiety. She had learned breathing techniques and mental exercises to stop the nerve wrenching thoughts as she approached any stairs. He son had bruises on his arm as she would grip his arm for support, even going up an escalator.