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10/3 To those who trade Self and Pride for Hearing God

Published on October 27, 2014contact By Susanne

yellow roseWe continue with the first ‘R’ in our series of ‘The 10 R’s of Maturity in Jesus’Relinquish.  In our last few posts, we looked at what the word meant and how some people have trouble taking this first ‘R’, the first step to Jesus.

The second group of people we talked about in our earlier post on ‘Relinquish’ were those who would lay aside self-centred things that would block them from finding Truth. This group will look past their pride, their avoidance, fear of God’s justice and judgement and said “Yes” to the Holy Spirit.  Here begins a different journey for their walk with Jesus. As we have stated in our last post, there is a very large majority of people who chose not to ‘Relinquish’ their life, their lifestyle or their pleasures to respond to the Good News of the Gospel.