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Good Reasons to Hear from God, part 2

Published on October 23, 2012 By Susanne

In our last post, we talked about good reasons why we need to hear from God!  We were created with the need for this relationship; we were created to hear from our Creator.   This brings an added reality to our faith when we know He talks with us – personally.  Our Christianity is more than just rules and laws, rituals and conformity.  His relationship with us takes on a whole new level when we really, really know His voice.

Now we continue with a third reason why we need to concentrate on learning to hear from Him: He knows the future!  The Lord is beyond time so He is already out there in my tomorrows.  He knows what is going to happen next month, next year and even 10 years from now.  He knows where our eternity will be – and what we will be doing throughout all eternity!