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9/19 We all face Afflictions

Published on May 8, 2013 By Susanne

As we continue with our discussion on the Heart, one of the issues we need to address is why pain happens in this world.   Both our heart and mind need to think through the issues so that pain doesn’t through us off our faith.

1. Pain can be God’s gift to us because pain gets our Attention.

With the world’s way of thinking, it is hard to understand this statement: Pain is a gift of a loving God to Mankind. Think of the times when only the intense misery of pain caused someone to find the Lord Jesus.

2. No one escapes Affliction!

When Creator God thought through The Greatest Rescue Plan in History, He didn’t guarantee absolute pain-free life. In fact, Creator God knew that letting the Plan unfold, pain and suffering were going to be the natural outcome of life on Earth.