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5/6b The Story of Jehovah’s Covenant with Moses

Published on July 6, 2012 By Susanne

Welcome back as we continue to discuss how our Creator is a Covenant making God, choosing to honour and bring deliverance to His creation.  In the last post, we set the scene from Abraham onto the next Covenant, the Covenant which would see Jehovah’s chosen people come to their promised land.


From Genesis chapter 20, we get the story line.

“It was certainly colder up on this part of the mountain”, Moses muttered to himself as he sat, huddled and waiting.  He had been told to come up the mountain, that terrible mountain burning with fire and smoke. 

How the people had trembled!  They had begged God not to talk to them, actually begged the God of Creator not to talk to them it was so terrible the voice.