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9/17 What does it mean ‘…to Follow the Lord’?

Published on May 1, 2013 By Susanne

What do you remember from our previous posts?  So far we have seen that we have a ‘Heart’ and that it can be in different conditions.  Becoming a  Jesus Follower means that our Heart and Spirit have been touched and we are ‘born again’.  To what degree we cooperate with the Holy Spirit depends on us.

It comes down to the heart’s willingness to hear and follow Him.  Our heart can stop us from the kind of walk with our Creator that brings wholeness.  Only when you know your true heart condition can you call your heart to be different.

Then we saw that Jesus came to heal ‘the broken hearted’ and that if we allow Him, He will show us the places where trauma and hurt have happened to get that freedom He already paid for!  So that brings us to this Part Two: What it means “….to Follow the Lord Jesus”.