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5/6a Covenants for the Promised Land – the Covenant with Moses

Published on February 10, 2013 By Susanne

In the past posts, we have looked at the Four major agreements between Jehovah-Elohim and the person He chose.  The first covenant was before sin and rebellion entered the Garden of Eden.  This Covenant was made with ‘us’ the three persons of the ‘Godhead’, Genesis Genesis 1:26-28.  Then, we discussed the  second covenant made with Adam and Eve when sin entered and they were removed from this perfect Garden of Eden.

Next, we visited Noah’s time and saw the utter destruction of the world by the Great Flood.  Even here, God gave certain promises and His protection as a small group of people started over.

Then we went onto the incredible promises given to Abraham, Father of Faith, to be a blessing to all People.  This promise passed to his son, Issac and his grandson, Jacob.