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10/29 Learning to Re-claim your Freedom

Published on November 13, 2015 By Susanne

jesusSo far, we have outlined 6 steps in our Growth process as Jesus Followers: Relinquish, Recognize, Repent, Resist and to Renounce. By the time you have worked through each of the steps we have recommended, you will definitely ‘feel’ a difference spiritually.

Remember if there hasn’t been total release, check if your Heart has made a friend of the enemy, believing it to be a friend.   Sometimes, the Heart believes this ‘friend’ is a way to cope with life’s issues.  It may not be logically but the Hear has it’s own logic.  If you need more info on the Heart, Check  “9/1 Welcome to this new series on our blog about Hearing God!”    http://hearinggod.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=1503