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Hearing God through the Covenants of God

Published on November 14, 2012suggest By Susanne

As we begin this new series in Hearing God, I offer this story from Max Lucado as an introduction to the study on ‘The Covenants of God’.


The Choice  –  by Max Lucado

He placed one scoop of clay upon another until a form lay lifeless on the ground.  All of the Garden’s inhabitants paused to witness the event.  Hawks hovered.  Giraffes stretched.  Trees bowed. Butterflies paused on petals and watched.

All were silent as the Creator reached into Himself and removed something yet unseen.  A seed.  “It’s called ‘choice’.  The seed of choice.”  Creation stood in silence and gazed upon the lifeless form. 

An angel spoke, “But what if he…what if he chooses not to love?”  The Creator finished.  “Come, I will show you.”