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The Half Truths my Heart Still Believes about God

Published on March 17, 2013 By Susanne

The following is list of common half-truths and outright lies our heart may still hang onto about our Creator.


My Heart Still Believes this:


   1.    “I am all alone and no one can / will help.”     “I have been overlooked, not needed and no one cares.  There is no one to protect me.  I cannot trust anyone.  No one rescued or saved me.  Maybe God has forsaken me too.”

Abandoned, alone unprotected and devastated, lost, not trusted.


   2.    “I am an idiot, stupid because I should have done something to stop it.”  I should have known better, but I kept going back.  It was my fault.  I did not try hard enough to stop them.”    “I caused it by my ….  sex/looks/etc.”

Shame, guilt blame, numb, flawed, broken, useless.