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4/4 Begin Your Personal Journey through Inner Healing

Published on January 26, 2013site-map By Susanne


In our last post on Hearing God, we have been discussing the Psychology of Jesus and we explored the basics of ‘Inner Healing’.  In a nutshell, the process allows Jesus to heal the pain we have locked away in our ‘unconscious’ or our heart.  My examples were of the wasp’s nest, of Gail’s terror over the scratched car and Marty’s journey to release his emotions after he saw his traumatic event.

Today we will expand this topic by adding the concept of ‘heart healing’.  When Sigmund Freud talked about the unconscious and subconscious part of our personality, I believe he was talking about what the Bible calls ‘the heart’.  We continue now with the actual journey in our next post (4/5) on how to get the healing that we need to begin to grow in a healthy direction again.