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7/2 Understanding the Covenant made with Jesus Christ

Published on January 15, 2013international By Susanne

A.  A quick Review:

In this post, we continue with Jehovah God’s Great Rescue Plan for the Human race.  So far we have covered the seven major covenants made between our Creator and a human being.   We’ve talked about the covenant made with the new caregivers of the Garden of Eden.  Then we saw the covenant made with Adam and Eve when sin entered the world.  Next we visited Noah’s time and onto Abraham’s covenant.  From there, we went to Moses and Joshua as they entered their land of promise.

From there, King David brought the next covenant, pointing to the Messiah and the covenant we are covering in this post series.  So welcome back to the Covenant made with the King of Kings, with Jesus Christ of Nazareth.