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6/1 Intro to The Kingdom Covenant with David and Hearing God

Published on December 11, 2012 By Susanne

In this series of posts, we have been looking at our Creator, Jehovah Eloah, as One who makes and keeps Covenants with mankind.  In fact, we can see Nine major covenants throughout human history. 


As we look through the Bible, we can find at least 9 major covenants Creator God made with individuals:

1.  First, with Man in the Garden of Eden, a time of Innocence,

2.  With Adam and Eve, after sin entered the Garden, a time when Conscience can into force.

3.  Next, a Covenant between God and Noah, after the Great Flood, the time of Human Government,

4.  With Abraham, the Father of the Nation of Israel, and on to his son, a time of Promise,