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8/8 Heaven will be Beyond this present Physical Space, Time and Place

Published on December 1, 2012blog By Susanne

Asking where heaven exists is a little like asking where the center of the universe is. In fact, the universe doesn’t have a center, since everything is moving away from every other thing. The Bible indicates that heaven does not exist in this universe, but is God’s abode.

Here are some very interesting points about Heaven, adapted from the website: ‘Evidence for God’   http://www.godandscience.org/apologetics/xdimgod.html

In fact, the Bible indicates that even the highest heavens (of this universe) cannot contain God.21 Since we human beings are restricted to the space time dimensions of this universe, we can never go in a spaceship and find heaven, since it is not any place to which we can travel.

A.  We will live in a Physical and Spiritual Perfect Place