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Talking with Jesus Today

Published on November 27, 2012 By Susanne

Our First Guest Post:


 Today I would like to encourage you to pursue an intimate relationship with God.

We have been in ministry for over 25 years in Christian counselling and teaching and can forcefully proclaim that the biggest impediment to successful living is not having a two-way relationship with Jesus.  You have the right to hear your Heavenly Father’s voice on a daily basis!

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “prayer”, I often get the impression of someone who is petitioning God – a one-way monologue.  Why is this impression so common place?  Did you know that the root word for the English word “prayer” comes from Latin (precarious – Collins) and means “begging”?  I am sure Jesus is very saddened to know some of us limit our relationship with Him to “begging”.  I will use the word talking instead of prayer.