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10/10 To Recognise the Truth is Essential in Hearing God!

Published on March 14, 2015 By Susanne

We now move deeper into ‘ Relinquish’ with the second in our ‘R’s of Maturity in Jesus’. Any guess what that might be? We next need to ‘Recognize’, to able to hear and to see what the Holy Spirit is asking of us. It is here we pause and let Him examine the inner, hidden parts of the Heart that only He can see. He deals with past involvements with the enemy and with learning to protect that precious Heart.

For all of us, this is an ongoing process we come back to when ever the Holy convicts of anything. Then we need to move into learning how to do this, how to walk closer to Him. As one person said: “We need to learn to sit with Him before we can stand with Him. Then we can learn to walk with Him”.