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Hearing God and Remain in the Vine – Guest Post

Published on April 5, 2013podcast By Susanne

I always thought I was doing great as a good person.  However, Jesus showed me a picture of a green vine.  I was the branches of this green vine – supposed to be a fruit vine.  However it was not bearing fruit for a long time.  To me I felt healthy and from a distance I would appear to be healthy with loving dark green leaves.  However little did I know that I was not making my Owner very happy as I was not doing my job in producing fruit.

“As I felt pretty healthy, I thought that I didn’t need to rely on my Owner’s roots for nourishment.  I thought that I should be able to survive in all types of weather by myself.  Jesus revealed to me that even though I was meant to be a fruit vine, in His eyes, I appeared to be a common evergreen vine instead.