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10/24b Then comes Forgiving Yourself in Hearing God

Published on October 22, 2015 By Susanne

phoneAccepting God’s forgiveness as a way of dealing with the past behaviour or any sin He convicts you about is one step closer to receiving Freedom.  However another pothole many people fall into is … forgiving themselves.

This step is connected to allowing God’s love and His grace into your Heart.  Of course your Head knows He forgives us but then, can we forgive the person who did the wrong -the person who was you.

Again, at the bottom of self-forgiveness is some of the same reasons why we have trouble accepting God’s forgiveness.  Self-judgement, feeling trapped into whatever behaviour led to the sin, not seeing a way out of the situation – all contribute to doing what we did.  However the biggest reason for not forgiving ourselves is pride.  That old song “I did it my way…” echoes through the human race again and again.