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9/7 We can learn to find out what is in the Heart.

Published on February 20, 2013privacy By Susanne

As we have already mentioned, only God can see our heart to know what’s there.  We need to learn to work with our Creator to help us in this journey to find out what is in the heart.  He is not deceived by our outward appearances.  In fact, He will judge us according to what is in our hearts, rather than by our actions.

We have seen how our Heart can be in different ‘conditions’: rebellious, fearful, callous, darkened, anxious, hardened and so on.  It also can be touched by God, cleanses, wise, glad, loves the Lord, sincere and taught to seek God.

There are many ways to find out what is in our Heart.  We’ll cover some of these ways in later posts, along with how to bring healing to a hurt Heart.