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10/13 The Step of Repentance in Hearing God – Fear of Rejection

Published on April 29, 2015 By Susanne
Ok, you know have your list because you stopped and listened to the voice of your Creator.  Some woman with ipadof you might even have two lists since we discussed this exercise in two posts.  Great!.  What next?

    Try not to be over-whelmed with anything the Holy Spirit shows you.  There is nothing He doesn’t already know about you and yet He loved you before you chose to accept Him.  So much so that our almighty Creator chose to enter this born, born as a baby and to die so that we could be free from the guilt and fears we easily pick up.

So from here, take your list and begin to work through it, determined to hear God on the issue – not condemnation!  Give Him time to speak to you about the issue so you can know, feel and think about the effects of this ‘sin’ in your life.