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10/27 The Fifth Step is to Renounce as you follow the Holy Spirit to Freedom

Published on November 5, 2015contact By Susanne

I’m sure by now I don’t need to tell you that we live in a physical world with a spiritual dimension. Behind the half-truths and heart lies ewe all have believed is a spiritual force that is insistent in keeping ybcn_prayforamerica_250pxou bound to whatever ‘sin’, addiction, wrong doing or issue you face. It is this spiritual power that Jesus came to break and to set us free. His work on the cross is sufficient to ‘break’ any stronghold over us!  This is called ‘Deliverance’.

So it probably goes without saying that to ensure this freedom, we need to address the spiritual forces behind the issues you are working through with the Holy Spirit. These ‘spirits’ are sent to control us into the behaviour that keeps us limited, stunted and not growing in Him.