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10/5 In Hearing God, We will Not face an angry, Judgemental God

Published on November 18, 2014
By Susanne

light in forestWhen we start this journey, one of the biggest strangle-holds we need to deal with is the Conviction versus Condemnation.   Even as you step into this step of following Jesus, you felt a conviction – hopefully – and you responded. What is the opposite of that?  Condemnation!

In my over 30 years of counselling, many common problems emerge. Those of us who claim to be Jesus Followers must deal with this deadliest of enemies – following Jesus out of condemnation rather than Conviction!

Condemnation comes from the conscience while conviction comes from …. the Holy Spirit. Have you learned to tell the difference?  The Conscience is conditioned by our family or origin, our peers and our society.  We have ‘internalised’ the voice of Mother saying “You should….”  or “You aren’t ….”. All those shoulds, oughts, have to’s and musts are lodged in our Conscience as we grow up.