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8/9 The Consequences that go with the Eight Covenant

Published on December 9, 2012information By Susanne

  Because of Adam and Eve’s rebellion to the Creator’s plans, they brought disastrous consequences on the whole human race.  Death entered along with continued rebellion, sin and self-centred actions. 

  God’s ‘image bearers’ were now scared and not capable of earning their way to His peace.  Those who would not accept His way into life would face eternal conscious separation from Him, Matthew 25:41.  The fallen creation was also hostile to their domination. 

A.  The curses of all the past covenants find their completion in this covenant as well. 

This greatest of all curses is known as ‘the second death’ for those who have turned their backs on God, Revelations 2:11, 20:13-15, 21:8.  As a result of turning their back to the sacrifice of Jesus and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, these people will find: