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9/4 Hearing God on the Conditions of your Heart

Published on February 5, 2013 By Susanne

author of this blog - SusanneOne of the greatest truths we have learned in our 20+ years as counsellors has been about the heart.  The more we can help people deal with the root issues in the heart – rather than just the head – the deeper the change and the more healing is likely.

We talk and even sing about ‘the heart’, but few people have a good understanding about how important the heart is to our lifestyles.  Anyone who is serious about personal growth needs to study what the Bible says about the heart!

A.  Our Heart can be in different Conditions.

The Bible talks about many conditions our Heart and Spirit can be in.  See the post on the verses of the Bible that mention a few of these conditions.  Some of the most common ‘ conditions’ are included in this post.