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9/13 Common Heart Beliefs and God’s Truth

Published on April 12, 2013 By Susanne

Here are some of the common beliefs that our Heart has caught.  Sad to sad, these beliefs influence our emotions and our thinking patterns.  The Answer?  Let the Lord show you the real Truth of what your Heart believes.

The   Emotions:

My   Heart’s Beliefs and Attitudes:

God’s Truth Revealed to   Heart:

1. Depression, worthless, rotten, low,   rejected, melancholy, alone, untrusting, despondent.

“I am no good.  I am all alone and no one   can help me.  There is no one to   protect me.  I cannot trust anyone.  No one rescued or saved me.  Maybe God has forsaken me too.”

“My worth does not depend on my behaviour, my achievements, or my looks.  I am not the victim of my past life’s pains   and mistakes.  God does love me.”