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#2d. Recognising Bondages in Personal Spiritual Warfare

Published on April 3, 2013 By Susanne

As we continue our series on Personal Spiritual Warfare, our next post is on ‘So how do I know if I have Bondages?’  We have set the background of our series by first describing how a loving Creator designs and spoke into being the universe and the unseen spiritual realm with angelic beings.  Next creation included the Earth and a perfect paradise with humans called Adam and Eve.

Because of the rebellion and warfare in the angelic realm, deception entered the Earth, Eve was seduced by the snake in the Garden of Eden and Adam followed.  Becoming the first ‘wimp’, Adam did not stand up to temptation for himself or for the woman he was given.  We than when onto taking about how the whole Earth and all humankind has been infected since then, some 7,000 years later.  (Notice I’m not using billions of years later!  We’ll talk about this when we go onto Challenge to the Christian Faith in our other blog: www.christianfoundations.jesus-treeoflife.info )