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Your Heavenly Father isn’t like your Dad!

Published on September 4, 2012trademarks By Susanne

In this series, we have been investigating why some people have trouble hearing from God.  We mentioned one big reason is the impact their earthly father has on them as a child.  It is hard to image a loving Father if your images of males remind you of your abusive, absent or neglectful dad.

Here are some comparisons between an earthly father and our loving Father God:

1.  Dad was distant and uninterested in your personal life.

God is intimate and involved in your life,     Psalm 139:1-18

2.  Insensitive and uncaring about you or your problems.

Father God is kind and compassionate,     Psalm 103: 8-14

3.  Perfectionist, demanding of higher achievement, never seemed to be satisfied with what you tried to do, impatient.