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5/1 Hearing God’s Great Rescue Plan for Mankind

Published on January 12, 2012 By Susanne

In this new series of posts on Hearing your Creator’s voice, we want to examine how Jehovah established relationships with the people He created.  To do this, He set up ‘covenants’.  These were contracts made with individuals, laying out what He guaranteed IF they kept the terms of the Covenant.  We can find evidence of NINE MAJOR COVENANTS He has made with individuals from the Bible.

As the Author and researcher of this series, I have been astonished again at the perfection and planning of our Creator.  Before the beginning of time, the plans set out for the human race were logic, sequential – nothing was left outside the Great Creator’s fore-knowledge or awareness.  It has been this detailed working behind the scenes of human history that has made a deep impression on my own faith and trust in this Supreme Creator that we call God.