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9/10 Ways to Know what is in your Heart when Hearing God

Published on February 24, 2013 By Susanne

The other day, I sat with the Lord and asked Him the Ways He thinks we can get in touch with our Heart.  Here are 10 ways to see what is in your heart:

1.  Learn to catch the inner dialogue, self talk. 

What might be the kind of self-talk we would hear the heart saying?  You can find many ‘heart lies’ this way, things the heart believes – that aren’t true.  Such as …..

2.  Catch when you over-react to a situation. 

Whenever you find yourself in Reaction – versus responding to a situation – it is God’s open window to see what’s in your heart.  Learn to be aware of these occasions for His help with your journey.  What is happening means your heart has as stuck point that is trying to be re-opened.