forumSunday Cuppa with Susanne

Sunday Cuppa with Susanne

by Susanne Fengler,

Hi!  I’m Susanne.  Thanks for joining me in this informal visit.  Do grab a cuppa and chat with me about some very important issues.  Take some time to enjoy the moment because … yesterday is lost and gone and tomorrow is not here yet.

So today. I would like to share with you what I learned doing this April – May edition of Hearing from God.

Ah,the joys of making a blog.  Supposedly some 2,000 new blogs are added each week.  I find that amazing, considering the ‘learning curve’ it takes to get there.  … but we have arrived, well almost.  In the mean time, I have learned what …. ?

Certainly more patience.  Yes, that’s the heart saying … don’t ask God for more patience as you will find yourself in situations where patience is the only way through. …but you know what, sometimes that’s the only thing that will grow patience in us.  So if you’re on that ‘Growing Patience’ road, slow down and learn the first time ’round.  Don’t give up and throw in the usual towel.

I’m also quite amazed at the people I meet doing a project such as this.  I’ve run across ‘get-quick artists’, some genuine people who want to help and others who are so far ahead of me that again I tend to loose heart.  Again I have learned lots of technical stuff but unless you are starting or doing a blog, you are probably not interested….but hey, if so, give me an email and I can share what I have learned about the great big world or WordPress.

For those of you who know me, I set out to do 3 times as much as what I could actually do.  I want to acknowledge great examples like Lisa Irby at and Anna Hoffman for their great examples of what can be done.

Other inspiration has come from and for their comments and suggestions.   I have been very amazed at how many Christian sites are on the Internet!

I’m planning on introducing you to other great website/blogs: and for a list of some of great writers on our topic of hearing from God.

I realise we began the series with a controversial topic: ‘God doesn’t talk to us anymore’.  I have had a few comments but please jump in with your thoughts.  Ahead? Well, my list includes learning how to do YouTube as I’ve found some great clips, CD’s and other inspiring material.  One suggestion is to head over to:

My special thanks to my Daniel for his Guest Post.  He has been the greatest support a budding website artist could have.  Thanks to the Lord for His teaching and suggestions on how to solve problems with this blog – hey, He knows more about WordPress then they do!

The website is actually … almost…about… ready so look out for it! That has been another learning exercise – how to tie a website and a blog together.

So, this is my first Sunday visit with everyone.  We do have some great guests lined up to share about their hearing from God experiences.  Add us to your Favorite’s listing and do stay tuned to what is coming next!

God’s blessings to each of you, Susanne Fengler

P.S. You will also find this newsletter on our other blog:

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