So what are good reasons to hear from God?

So far in this series, we have covered reason why some people struggle to hear from God:  ignorance, wrong thinking about God’s character, fear of change, blockages of past hurts and most important, our heart really doesn’t want to hear from Him.

So, in bringing this first series to a close, I wanted to leave you with a more positive outlook: What are some good reasons to hear from God? We will cover the very important and main reasons to let God into our heart and life.

Once we can get our heart to be open to the possibilities of hearing from Him as a benefit in our personal life, than we can build on good reasons to continue to practice that part of our walk with God.

Probably the first reason on the list to hear from God would be that this practice adds a reality to our faith that we can find no where else!  ‘Religion’, following rules and keeping laws doesn’t bring that wholeness to our spirit that we need to face the realities of life we see ever day.

Just being a Saturday or a Sunday Christian doesn’t cut it when the chips are down and you need to find answers.  The conscience might be happy keeping rules but your the true part of you, your spirit, wasn’t designed to follow list to be accepted or to be ‘good’.  It didn’t work in the Old Testament and it doesn’t work today.

“So are you saying, Susanne that we don’t need regulations and limits?” 

On one hand yes – as we follow the Lord’s leading in our life, we will grow into healthy ‘Jesus Followers’  ….and that is our aim.  The Great Teacher, the Holy Spirit is very capable of growing and guiding us into all Truth – which is another way of saying ‘He will point us in the right direction toward Jesus’.

On the other hand, no.  We need the limits and the boundaries we find in the Word.  The old nature is still with us so that means the tendency to go off track, follow some charismatic teacher or get lost in the world’s deception is still with us.  So we need both: the Holy Spirit’s freedom to follow as He leads and the written Word to keep us on track.

However this is a different topic to following ‘religious’ rule because we think that will make us more acceptable to God.  No, He wants our inner life in line with what is most healthy for us.  So His main goal is to help us live the best life we can within this world.

Hearing God brings the reality to do just that.  His voice – in whatever way you hear Him – brings a deeper reality to our faith.  You cannot remain a ‘shallow christian’ when you hear to God of the Universe talking to you about His love and goals for your life.

A second big reason to hear from God is that we were design to walk and talk with Him – just like Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening.  We are made with a ‘God-shaped hole’ inside us that only a relationship with Him can fill.

We function at our best level when He is there, relating to us on a level where we do let Him talk with us.  Our whole personality system: our heart, mind, emotions, conscience, will, body and our spirit function best with His input into our life.  Remember, it is your spirit and the Holy Spirit that are meant to be in control in your world.

We have seen many, many people in our our 20 years as Christian Counsellors that are ‘soul weary’, heart-sick and ready to walk away from their ministry and their life ‘working for the Lord’.  (See Marg’s testimony for an example.)

In talking with them and helping them get back on track, either they never had that living relationship where they walked and talked with God.  Sadder yet, some had that ‘first love’ and their living relationship with the Lord got lost in the ‘doing and working’ rather than in the ‘being‘ for God.

What a personal joy it has been – and still is – to help these ‘wounded warriors’ back to a road to grasp hold of the faith that being a ‘Jesus Follower’ brings.  Yes, the joy of seeing new life flow as the Lord intended.  What a buzz!  It sure beats anything the world has to offer!

In our next post, we will look at two more very good reasons to keep this communication with our Creation growing and two-sided in our very stressful, busy world!

Bless each of your on your journey,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


P.S.  We are about to start our first eBook on ‘Hearing from Your Creator’.  Interested?  Send me an email at sf7272@iinet.net.au and it’s yours!

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