Series #2 Personal Spiritual Warfare and Hearing from God

So far in our time together, we have covered the big topic: “Why Can’t I hear from the Lord”.  We look at 7 major reasons why some people find it hard to Hear from God.   Remember what they were?

     Wrong teaching and lack of expecting God to talk today was first.  Second, faulty views about the nature of God; who want to hear from a grumpy old Man?  Third, our life is so full of other things we don’t take the time to listen for His still, small voice. 

Next, Involvement with the Occult and other false ideal can block us from hearing from God.  5th, God isn’t like our earthy dad; His love is unconditional.  Our Past hurts stop us from trying to hear His voice and lastly we talked about feeling like it takes too much effort to change.  I am certain this is only a beginning to the list of things that keep us licked in our own world without allowing Him to come in and help us.

Then we went on to show 6 reasons to hear from Him: brings a reality to our faith, we were created for this, to help us face the challenges of tomorrow, to help our family, to bring out our gifts and then to help add to the whole church with the gifts He has given.  Since we are all part of one body – one living group of people, past, present and future, we need each other to grow to maturity.

In our second series, we will open the discussion on “Personal Spiritual Warfare”. 

So to begin our Second Series with, what does the term mean and how does it apply to each Jesus Follower today?  It is at this point that we combine some of my other blog with Hearing God’s Voice.  I have shared the information found on 

We are in a battle between the forces of light and darkness, of good and evil.  Yes, I know some people will say that is a cliché.  Some logical, rational people would not even believe in a spiritual world!  However, if we take the Bible as our Foundation for our faith, there is a very real spiritual world around us.  We can go back to creation and see how our Creator ‘spoke the worlds into existence’.  This was not a random, accidental event but a well planned out, well thought through event in the whole of the universe. 

Even when evil was loosed on the world, it was not a half thought through ideas; God was prepared and knew the creation was to be tested.  Then our Creator began the most impressive part of creation, the ultimate expression of love – Adam and Eve were created and given dominion of the Earth.  Again, we can read this story from the Christian Foundations blog.  The whole of creation then began ‘The Greatest Rescue Plan’ in all of the ages to come.

Blindness and ignorance is part of the reason why we need to be rescued.  When Adam and Eve gave away their birthright to the Serpent in the Garden, a veil of logical, rationalism formed around the human race.  However, the spiritual dimension still exists around us today and we need to have a well planned defence in order to be a ‘Jesus Follower’.  This is way we are writing this blog on ‘Personal Spiritual Warfare’

When we step past that veil in accepting the spiritual dimension as reality and Jesus as Lord of that world, we enter into His battlefield.  We join with the angelic realm and learn to see the world in the reality as He sees reality.  As we continue to deal with our own ‘old nature’ – what was inherited through Adam and Eve’s rebellion – we come closer to what was planned for that first couple.  God’s kingdom comes first in our own world before we can share that reality with others.

This is what “Personal Spiritual Warfare” means – to hear and obey our Supreme Leader, the true Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  So join me in this our Second Series and see how we can build our defences against an enemy who uses deception, lies and anarchy to kill, steal and destroy the human race. 

What are his tactics, how does he touch our life and what can we do to close the holes in our walls so he cannot touch our life?  What place does ‘deliverance’ and ‘forgiveness’ have in the cycle of bondage and death people face every day?  What are our best ‘spiritual weapons’ for this spiritual realm?  What choices do we have in the battlefield and how we help others?   

All these questions will be discussed in this series, so read and learn but don’t forget to practice.  All head knowledge with allowing the Lord to touch your heart is like so much water running into the ocean.  We must get the Truth from our head down into our heart to have our life change … but that’s part of this series too.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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