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Recently we were honoured to be invited to a “Birthday Blessing Celebration“.  This was a family we have been involved with for many rewarding years of friendship.  So we joined the group for a radant 16 year old’s celebration.  She (we’ll call her Jackie from now on)  had been through an amazing turn-around in her own short life time.  She had ‘stumbled’ through 3 years from depressed, suicidal, rebellious, defiant teen to this person who sat before us now.

——– >  So what’s a Birthday Blessing Celebration?  Keep reading ….

You see, Jackie had faced her own ‘brick walls’ and decided – without pressure from her parents, to enter into a new life of Adventure with Jesus.  She had so worked things out of her system that she knew, without a doubt, doing things by the Lord’s principles was the only way she could be her real self and still survive.  Yes, she knew the drugs, sex and wild lifestyle wasn’t where she wanted to be …. and had literally jumped into the Lord’s arms.  She had worked the whole mess out of her heart to be in real freedom.  The peace and tranquility on her face was evident that real change had happened!

Jackie had always been a handful, born last of 5 children.  Each of her siblings had gone through their own rebellious, defiant stages.  Thankfully, Jackie’s parents had been understanding, setting boundaries but giving her to space to find her own relationship with the Lord.  … and that’s what had happened.  Jackie, part of the generation where ’16 is the new 25′, had grown and reached a maturity beyond her 16 years.  So here she sat, waiting for the showers of words from her God, entering into a new world with Jesus.

We all listened to the Lord for a word to celebrate her life.  She received many encouraging, life giving promises and pictures of her walk with Him.  He pictured her sitting in warm sunshine with Him, just waiting for the new adventure to start.  Bridges, rock filled paths, quiet pools of water would reflect her depth of love and knowledge of Him.  He was saying she would ‘…go to depths few people would chose ….’ to walk with Him.  All in all, it was the Birthday blessing she expected and hoped for.

Later, as I reflected on the years of tears, prayers and patience her whole family had poured into Jackie and her siblings as growing young people, I wondered at God’s grace and mercy.  He had lead her through as He had promised ….but what about all those other families whose prayers seemed to go unanswered as their youth continued in the drug and sex culture?  How had these families ‘missed the way through’ for their prayers?

The Lord brought me back to a time when I had just return from my own ‘prodical son rebellion’ to the God of Love that I knew as a young person.  Being in my middle 30’s, I just knew the peace and life I had with Jesus when I was younger, was what I wanted.  Even though I was happily married, had the  job I wanted and seemed to be surrounded with all the marks of success our culture valued.  Anyhow that’s another story for another time.

The Lord brought back to me a conversation I had heard on Christian TV.  A father was asking “So what do You do with all those prayers of unbelief, fears, defiant to You and the religious jargon?”

The answer stuck with me:  “What prayers?” the Lord had replied.


So …does that mean that the Lord doesn’t hear some prayers?  We know He is all knowing, all present, all wisdom.  He is not like any earthly father we have ever known.  So He does know everything about everyone, is supremely compassionate so why …. ?  He doesn’t show favoritism to some and leave others in the dirt so something else must be happened here.

As I puzzled on this over the next few days, I came to several conclusions:

1.  Yes, God is totally aware of all the pain and misery in the world.  He knew the tragedies would happen even before He spoke the Worlds into existence.  He is aware of the deepest pain, the greatest trauma being felt by anyone, anywhere. He sees the wars, famines, earthquakes and ‘feels’ all the natural disasters.

2.  He suffers with His creation – both with His physical creation, His creatures and with us, His greatest achievement.

3.  However, there is a difference between living the best we can by our own rules, versus finding His principles and getting in line with His ways.  The most beautiful, well built car in the world has to run on petrol and water rather than on orange juice and chewing gum.  We must find His path to reach His blessings and answers for our own life.

4.  In fact that is what Adam and Eve did wrong; they did it their way!  When Jackie – or anyone – gets in the place where they see God as their answer, He will touch and bless them, lead them and guide them into peace and purpose in Him.  It may take awhile, but He will bring us into wholeness.  That’s the main reason He took on flesh; Jesus came to heal the broken hearted, whether in the USA, Africa or Australia!


An interestinf word study is on the word ‘iniquity’.  The word actually means ‘lawlessness’.  King David repented for ‘his sins and his iniquity’.  So the two words must be different.  When we do our own ‘laws’, God calls us ‘lawless’ because we are not following His laws.  The whole world is drowning in ‘iniquity’ –  doing things their way rather than God’s way.


So we finished a blessed event because Jackie had found His way and reached the decision ‘to do it His way’. That’s when He really hears our prayers; our prayer are in His will and will be answered in His best timing.

This has been a deeper challenge to my own faith as it means finding out more what is His way in my life more and more.  Prayer, as talking with God, isn’t just saying meaningless words – hoping He’ll maybe hear them.  Real talking with God is find what He wants us to pray and join with Him in His work of ‘Salvation’.

I trust some of these thoughts have started some thinking about your own walk with God.  His heart is really to bless you and help you live the absolute best life you could possible have!  So happy birthday Jackie and thanks for the gift you gave me by inviting me to be part of your ‘Birthday Blessing Celebration’!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Editor


P.S.  So did I answer what a ‘Birthday Blessing Celebration’ really was?  Find a group of people you know hear from the Lord and that you trust.  Give a ‘Birthday Party with a difference’.  Take time to listen to the Lord for the Birthday person and bless then with a touch from the Lord they will never forget!

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