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by Susanne Fengler,

Ever heard of an Army that couldn’t hear from their commanders?  If that happened, what would their Army be like?  Yet, we as Jesus-followers seem to think we can live our life without hearing from our Creator!

Daniel and SusanBeing part of His Bride entitles you to hear from your Commander:  “My sheep hear My voice.” It’s really a matter of learning how to do that, just like learning how to ride a bike.  You weren’t born knowing how; few are born remembering that they knew God’s voice.

As Christian counsellors for over 20 years, we’ve found few Christians walk their life’s journey knowing that God is speaking to them; that’s partly why we began this blog!

Think about how it would improve your spiritual walk if you really knew …for certain, your Creator was there and that you could really have conversations with God!  If God really exists, then why settle for such a small box called religion?

So many soul-weary people feel far from God, searching for a real relationship; many try to make sense in being a Christian in their time of struggle.  Others are facing life-changing decisions and they want God’s input.  Others are challenged to find answers …but it all seems too hard.

Personally, we both were in that place once…when our real walk with God was limited to one-way conversations.  We were just Sunday Christians.  However, there came a point in our lives where this wasn’t enough.  This was especially true when we were thrown in the deep end as Christian counsellors!  What did we have to offer if we could not hear from God ourselves.  We had to learn to find answers…quick smart!  (Hey, you can read more About Us on our Contact Page.)

Over the 30 years as Christian counsellors, we have helped so many, many others in the same boat.  How do you live a Jesus-centred walk that is the real deal?  What would that be like for you?

women at computerHere’s one quick story from Kathy:

Just the realization that God is talking to me has so changed my world.  I have learned just how involved my Creator is in my world and learned to really, really interact and hear the Voice that has rocked my world!  Awesome when you can walk with that  realism to your faith!

So, have you begun the greatest journey of your life yet?  Learning how to hear rom your Creator?  What would be the benefits to you if you joined us on this blog?  It is possible to know He exists.  If you’re on that path – or have yet to begin – stick around for awhile and find some inspiration to develop your inner spiritual journey.

This might all seem foreign to you.   Stick with us hopefully, and it will soon become second nature.

Each month, we are running a series on important life changing topics:

Series #1: Jump in at the Beginning, Foundations in Hearing from God.

Series #2: Personal Spiritual Warfare,

Series#3:  Our Authority in Christ,

Series #4: The Psychology of Jesus,

Series #5: The Covenants of God,

Series #6: The Old Testament Covenants,

Series #7: The New Covenant between Jesus and God,

Series #8: The Everlasting Covenant,

Series #9: Calling Your Heart to Follow the Lord,

…. as you can see we have many great posts coming so join us and be part of learning how to hear God’s voice better than you ever have.  We’ll be inviting Guests to write about their journey, as well as finding ‘podcasts’, celebrity Christians and interviews with interesting people .  You’ll find great YouTube videos, helpful books and other media resources in our Library.  We have also included a variety of practice worksheets and personal exercises and other great free resources to help you on this journey.

We have added a special page listing all our posts called “The Posts” Page.  So you can go there and get the whole list of things we have covered!

So let’s get started:

Date: Post #1  “Our Creator Does not Talk to us Anymore” This was our first post so go to our Home to read this article.     Read more on our Post’s Page

Moochie at duskLife wasn’t meant to be just you and I floating by in our pain and isolation.  There are people around you who do know how to hear     from God; some may even be willing to help you learn how also.  Just remember, there is only One Creator and He so wants to have a relationship with YOU! …that means Hearing God in a way that makes sense to you!


Here are some possible comments:

“Yes, I want to have a better walk with my Creator!’

“I’d like to make a comment about your coming blog.”

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What struggles and joys do you think we need to write about on this blog?

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Would you like to use some of our worksheets:  “Ways to Hear from God” ?

“My Point of View”

1.  How do you know you hear from your Creator in some way?  What ways do you hear from Him?

2.  Why do you think people have problems hearing from God?

3.  What are some of the ways you already know you hear from your Creator?

4.  Areas you think others need to learn about so they can hear God better?

Join with me to promote more Christ-centred material on the Internet.

May this Journey to find your Creator be filled with unexpected treasures!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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