Hello and Welcome to our Blog on Hearing from your Creator!

Hello and welcome to our Blog on Learning to Hear from Your Creator!

BEFORE YOU START…. Please notice we have added a new PAGE listing all the Posts! 

We write this blog to all those who have yet to begin to see that their Creator has a Voice and that this almighty Being want to talk to us!  The Creator of the Universe wants a relationship with YOU!

We want to start with the Beginnings – How to listen and hear Him.  Is it possible?  What stops us from Hearing?  How can I get passed these blocks?  Is it His job to make us listen if He wants to talk to us?  What ways is He talking –  if He is talking?  All these questions and more will be discussed in this Blog on Hearing God’s Voice!

One thing is for sure – if you start this journey in hearing from Him, your life will never be the same again.  Imagine having the wisdom of the universe just waiting to talk with you, to help you with those seemingly overwhelming problems.  Think how great it would be to share with Someone who knows you so well and yet doesn’t condemn or judge you into changing.  Your belief system with come into wholeness as well!

Can He do that?  Hey, He made butterflies and rhinos.  He can answer and help you with your life’s journey.  In fact He is just waiting for the time and day when you choose to let Him!   You inner spiritual journey will take on a whole new meaning of ‘life’.

For many this will be old news but just add more and more of this info to your daily life and watch the growth!  You are welcome here and you just might learn how to help other hear from their Creator in a way that makes sense to them.

So welcome, where ever you are and what ever you believe.  I welcome Guest posts and discussion on this subject too.

Your Blog author, Susanne

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