Hearing God – Two Examples of His Love

    Recently two different people sent me an encouraging and inspiriting word from the Lord Jesus.  It was given from someone else to them.  However, it so applies to all of us Jesus Followers and those on the journey that I wanted to include it here.  If it fits your world right now, then also know it is for YOU.


A letter from the Lord Jesus Christ to __________: 

“I know the deepest loneliest places in your heart.  My desire is to bless you in every area of your life.  Look up and see My glory for you.  Look and see My protection around you for no one will be able to stand in the way of My love for you, or the purposes or choices in life which I will open up to you.

“You are My princes, My chosen one.  I have placed within you a clean heart and spirit.  You are already an instrument of My love in seeing My people set free.  In time, I will bestow many gifts upon you for you are called to minister to My people. 

“I will be your strength and I will give you rest, but just at this time, My dear, sweet child, let others minister into your life.  I love you with a fierce love.  You have been anointed to minister so stay close.  I’ll let you know when the time is right and We will take that step together, just like a child crossing the road with their parent, so will I be there, watching out for you.

“At times, I will need to carry you, but know this, I will never leave you.  We are on a journey together and I delight in you.  Praise Me with all of your heart for out of the praise will come the power of My Holy Spirit to equip you for the task ahead.  Do not worry about which way to go for I will lead you down the right path.  Now protect your heart and I will bring it to pass.  Throw all your desires at My feet so I can share in your life and bring blessings out of them.

“I have washed you whiter than snow.  Know this that the anointing I have given you will flow onto your children and the next generation and people will know that I am God, Creator, Protector, Provider, Comforter, Healer, Teacher and the Lover of your soul.”

Thursday, September 7th, 2011


A WORD FOR xxxx and xxxx

“I have seen your ways.  I have noted your obedience and your trust even when the path has been very, very hard.  Please know I have seen your questions, your deep heart concerns.  I have never walked away nor left you alone.  My ways are perfect – for you and for the others around your life.  Let Me shine My plans through you. 

“Even though you question the future, please know I am already there.  I have provided ways through that you haven’t even seen yet.  I work in ways that will astound you when you do see My final plan. 

“I have asked more of you than I have other others.  Yes, that is true … but I have also given you more grace and wisdom to match My asking of you.  Never doubt that I am with you.  I am with you!  Let not your heart be fearful.   Let not your heart fear nor doubt My love.  I am with you! 

“I can guide you with My eye, with My slightest glance.  You have chosen to follow Me through places others have not and for that, My Spirit is poured out through you in more and more measure.  Only keep your eyes on Me, My precious children.  Let Me do that guiding that I must do.  Much awaits you ahead, more blessings than you can count …. but also more cost. 

“Are you willing to follow?  Are you willing to let Me do as I need to do?  I am with you …. remember that.  Trust Me and even in all this, do not let your heart be afraid.  I bring you so much more than the cost I ask of you.  Allow My peace to settle deep within as I direct and lead you.  Peace, My precious ones.”

March 8th, 2011


I trust this gives you an idea of what the Lord can say to His followers.  You can hear His heart of mercy and care, of love and promise of hope.  Take some time this next week and let Him talk to you.  Share His words with others, or send them to me and I’ll share them with my readers.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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